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Twenty One Pilots albums by Deathwisher3228
Twenty One Pilots albums
Since it's been a few years since my texture book project, and after getting into these guys, I felt that Tyler deserved a panel as well. And because I can't pick one favorite album I included all 4 as the background. (I colored Blurryface as orange because black would have hidden too much of the silhouette.)


United States
My name is Raven. I love to draw! Unfortunately I'm not the best at forming my own drawings, I copy other drawings free-hand and they usually turn out pretty well. I hope to post more drawings of my own on here. Yay! One random fact about me: Huge MCR fan! so i have many drawings of them!

Current Residence: Minnesota
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock, and some variety
Favourite style of art: Realistic/ Manga/Anime
MP3 player of choice: One that holds a LOT of music and videos
Favourite cartoon character: Dale Gribble from King of the Hill
Personal Quote: "Never take anyone's shit and never let them take you alive!"-Gerard Way
Stolen from LewisRockets

Name: Raven
Birthday: August 30th, I'm always the youngest in almost any situation because of it.
Height: Barely 5 ft. :(
Weight: too big for my liking. (reached that point where the clothes slowly but surely don't quite fit anymore...)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Race: I always get confused with this and ethnicity. I'm white, American
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Drink?: alcohol? no pop? Tried to break the habit but always go back.
Smoke?: no, but I like the smell. Sometimes.
Use Drugs?: no
Cuss: mainly "Dammit" but "Fuck" if I'm really mad. And occasionally, "Shit" 
Play Any Instruments?: Flute, since graduating high school I haven't played it. :( Learning Ukulele though (thanks to Tyler Joseph)
Have Any Piercings?: ew, not for me. Only my ears.
Have Any Tattoos?: No but I want some!! Just not sure if I'll be able to handle the pain or not (yes I'm a wimp)
Like To Annoy People?: Surprisingly no, even though people seem to get the biggest kick out of annoying me.
Like Life?: Rather mundane, but for the most part yes. When I attend concerts I'm at my happiest with life :)
Wear Make-Up?: Used to be against it, now I occasionally wear eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner, but you can barely see it.
Dye Your Hair?: seriously contemplated it, but no
Scream At The top of your lungs for no reason?: no
Get Distracted By Shiny Objects?: Depends
Like Pina Coladas?: Closest I've had to one was a Pina Colada flavored starburst. It was disgusting.
And Getting Caught In The Rain?: yes

Dependable?: yes
Trustworthy?: Definitely
Obsessive?: With music and singers yes...
Hyper Active?: no
Happy?: yes
Content?: eh
Boring?: to others? most likely. To myself? I'm the freaking life of the party! :)
Violent?: Only when it comes to objects not cooperating with me. It riles me up to the point I will chuck something at the wall.
Evil?: no
Hippie-Ish?: Not sure
Shy?: absolutely. Getting better, but still I hate eye contact and I'm terrible at conversing with others.
Paranoid?: Yes, sometimes
Annoying?: No
Social?: Not really
Religious?: eh....I'd say agnostic. I don't like to claim what I don't know

TV Show?: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Scrubs, Big Bang Theory
Movie?: Top 11 Go! (no order) Dragonheart, Blades of Glory, Mamma Mia, Rock of Ages, Boondock Saints (1&2), Pirate Radio, Benny & Joon, Scott Pilgrim vs. The world, Fanboys, Secret Window, and The Cornetto Trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and the World's End).
Band/Singer(s)?: So many...(generally I love the singers of my favorite bands). MCR, Green Day, Bowling For Soup, Fun., Blink 182, Angels & Airwaves, Cinema Bizarre, The Killers, Matt & Kim, Twenty One Pilots, and a bunch of classic rock.
Song?: Too many to choose. But here's two: "lovely" or "Guns for Hands" by Twenty One Pilots
Book/Story?: Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices series
Colour(s)?: BLUE 
Shape?: -.-
Animal?: FOXES
Person(s)?: Johnny Depp, all my favorite singers, Simon Pegg, Russell Brand, Thor :)
Smell?: Lilacs 
Flower?: Lilacs
Subject?: English, more of reading novels rather than writing papers.
Board: Game
Musical: Mamma Mia and Rock of Ages
Sport?: ha what's that? :P
Word?: Shenanigans, Snafu, Incognito
Quote?: can't choose. Here's a song lyric: "Everyday I tell myself a little harmless lie, the whole wide world is mine."~Angels & Airwaves, "Rite of Spring"
Hobby?: sing, read, draw, computer
Store?: Hot Topic/Barnes & Nobles/Kohl's
Season?: Christmas
Time Of Day?: 11:00am...Lunch time!! (yes I love food)

Worst Fear?: Spiders, Tornadoes, Heights.
Life Goal?: To work with music/bands
Greatest Accomplishment?: Making someone's day by telling them they inspire me :)

Pepsi Or Coke?: Dr. Pepper or Barq's Root Beer :)
McDonald's Or Burger King?: McDonald's 
Converse Or Vans?: Neither...
Dogs Or Cats?: DOGS.
AIM, YIM Or MSN Messenger?: Skype or Facebook chat
Chicken Or Fish?: Fish
Black Or White?: Blue!
MP3 player, ipod or CD player?: My ipod goes everywhere with me. I have to keep upgrading to ones with more space. Currently have 2099 songs on a 32GB ipod.
Pants Or Shorts?: pants...always pants. Unless it's unbearably hot.

Day: Sunny and Warm
Room: One full of books and music equipment. Also a fireplace.
Life: one where I get to live out my dreams.
World: a peaceful one
Romantic Date: haven't had one yet...personally I'd love my first date to be a concert

Heavan & Hell?: 
Angels & Demons?: 
Big Foot?: 
Lochness Monster?: 
A Thing Called Love?: 

Kill Someone Else?: if they were trying to kill me
Kill Yourself?: Never, couldn't bear knowing the pain it would cause my family
Beg For Money?: No
Skydive?: Absolutely not. Heights are not for me
Bunjee Jump?: nope
Make out in the rain?: ...
Run Away From Home?: No, I love my home. Parents and puppies and all. Even my stupid brother.
Ride A Motorcycle?: used to want to until I realized they're like 10X more dangerous than cars. Chances of surviving a motorcycle crash are much much lower than surviving a car accident.
Do Extreme Sports?: no but I watch frigginboom on Youtube do them :)

Do You Own A Car?: no but i can drive
Ever Been To Jail?: No
Ever Gotten Kicked out?: nope. Goody two-shoes right here 
Do You Have A Job?: yes
Do You Like Taking Surveys Like This?: Yes
  • Listening to: Blazing Saddles theme song
  • Reading: The Big Sleep
  • Watching: youtube
  • Playing: Minesweeper
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: water

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