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Twenty One Pilots albums by Deathwisher3228
Twenty One Pilots albums
Since it's been a few years since my texture book project, and after getting into these guys, I felt that Tyler deserved a panel as well. And because I can't pick one favorite album I included all 4 as the background. (I colored Blurryface as orange because black would have hidden too much of the silhouette.)
Tattoo by Deathwisher3228
Body Art!

This is my very first tattoo. It's inspired by the band Celtic Thunder who sing a song called Steal Away and they have a particular version that is completely acapella and it is incredible. The reason I chose it for the tattoo, is that music is my most favorite thing in the world and I use songs and musicians to escape or in this case "steal away" into a different world. One where I don't have to think about my problems and I can just enjoy the peace that the wonderful voices of the musicians bring me. 


United States
My name is Raven. I love to draw! Unfortunately I'm not the best at forming my own drawings, I copy other drawings free-hand and they usually turn out pretty well. I hope to post more drawings of my own on here. Yay! One random fact about me: Huge MCR fan! so i have many drawings of them!

Current Residence: Minnesota
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock, and some variety
Favourite style of art: Realistic/ Manga/Anime
MP3 player of choice: One that holds a LOT of music and videos
Favourite cartoon character: Dale Gribble from King of the Hill
Personal Quote: "Never take anyone's shit and never let them take you alive!"-Gerard Way
Stolen from LewisRockets

Name: Raven
Birthday: August 30th, I'm always the youngest in almost any situation because of it.
Height: Barely 5 ft. :(
Weight: too big for my liking. (reached that point where the clothes slowly but surely don't quite fit anymore...)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Race: I always get confused with this and ethnicity. I'm white, American
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Drink?: alcohol? no pop? Tried to break the habit but always go back.
Smoke?: no, but I like the smell. Sometimes.
Use Drugs?: no
Cuss: mainly "Dammit" but "Fuck" if I'm really mad. And occasionally, "Shit" 
Play Any Instruments?: Flute, since graduating high school I haven't played it. :( Learning Ukulele though (thanks to Tyler Joseph)
Have Any Piercings?: ew, not for me. Only my ears.
Have Any Tattoos?: No but I want some!! Just not sure if I'll be able to handle the pain or not (yes I'm a wimp)
Like To Annoy People?: Surprisingly no, even though people seem to get the biggest kick out of annoying me.
Like Life?: Rather mundane, but for the most part yes. When I attend concerts I'm at my happiest with life :)
Wear Make-Up?: Used to be against it, now I occasionally wear eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner, but you can barely see it.
Dye Your Hair?: seriously contemplated it, but no
Scream At The top of your lungs for no reason?: no
Get Distracted By Shiny Objects?: Depends
Like Pina Coladas?: Closest I've had to one was a Pina Colada flavored starburst. It was disgusting.
And Getting Caught In The Rain?: yes

Dependable?: yes
Trustworthy?: Definitely
Obsessive?: With music and singers yes...
Hyper Active?: no
Happy?: yes
Content?: eh
Boring?: to others? most likely. To myself? I'm the freaking life of the party! :)
Violent?: Only when it comes to objects not cooperating with me. It riles me up to the point I will chuck something at the wall.
Evil?: no
Hippie-Ish?: Not sure
Shy?: absolutely. Getting better, but still I hate eye contact and I'm terrible at conversing with others.
Paranoid?: Yes, sometimes
Annoying?: No
Social?: Not really
Religious?: eh....I'd say agnostic. I don't like to claim what I don't know

TV Show?: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Scrubs, Big Bang Theory
Movie?: Top 11 Go! (no order) Dragonheart, Blades of Glory, Mamma Mia, Rock of Ages, Boondock Saints (1&2), Pirate Radio, Benny & Joon, Scott Pilgrim vs. The world, Fanboys, Secret Window, and The Cornetto Trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and the World's End).
Band/Singer(s)?: So many...(generally I love the singers of my favorite bands). MCR, Green Day, Bowling For Soup, Fun., Blink 182, Angels & Airwaves, Cinema Bizarre, The Killers, Matt & Kim, Twenty One Pilots, and a bunch of classic rock.
Song?: Too many to choose. But here's two: "lovely" or "Guns for Hands" by Twenty One Pilots
Book/Story?: Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices series
Colour(s)?: BLUE 
Shape?: -.-
Animal?: FOXES
Person(s)?: Johnny Depp, all my favorite singers, Simon Pegg, Russell Brand, Thor :)
Smell?: Lilacs 
Flower?: Lilacs
Subject?: English, more of reading novels rather than writing papers.
Board: Game
Musical: Mamma Mia and Rock of Ages
Sport?: ha what's that? :P
Word?: Shenanigans, Snafu, Incognito
Quote?: can't choose. Here's a song lyric: "Everyday I tell myself a little harmless lie, the whole wide world is mine."~Angels & Airwaves, "Rite of Spring"
Hobby?: sing, read, draw, computer
Store?: Hot Topic/Barnes & Nobles/Kohl's
Season?: Christmas
Time Of Day?: 11:00am...Lunch time!! (yes I love food)

Worst Fear?: Spiders, Tornadoes, Heights.
Life Goal?: To work with music/bands
Greatest Accomplishment?: Making someone's day by telling them they inspire me :)

Pepsi Or Coke?: Dr. Pepper or Barq's Root Beer :)
McDonald's Or Burger King?: McDonald's 
Converse Or Vans?: Neither...
Dogs Or Cats?: DOGS.
AIM, YIM Or MSN Messenger?: Skype or Facebook chat
Chicken Or Fish?: Fish
Black Or White?: Blue!
MP3 player, ipod or CD player?: My ipod goes everywhere with me. I have to keep upgrading to ones with more space. Currently have 2099 songs on a 32GB ipod.
Pants Or Shorts?: pants...always pants. Unless it's unbearably hot.

Day: Sunny and Warm
Room: One full of books and music equipment. Also a fireplace.
Life: one where I get to live out my dreams.
World: a peaceful one
Romantic Date: haven't had one yet...personally I'd love my first date to be a concert

Heavan & Hell?: 
Angels & Demons?: 
Big Foot?: 
Lochness Monster?: 
A Thing Called Love?: 

Kill Someone Else?: if they were trying to kill me
Kill Yourself?: Never, couldn't bear knowing the pain it would cause my family
Beg For Money?: No
Skydive?: Absolutely not. Heights are not for me
Bunjee Jump?: nope
Make out in the rain?: ...
Run Away From Home?: No, I love my home. Parents and puppies and all. Even my stupid brother.
Ride A Motorcycle?: used to want to until I realized they're like 10X more dangerous than cars. Chances of surviving a motorcycle crash are much much lower than surviving a car accident.
Do Extreme Sports?: no but I watch frigginboom on Youtube do them :)

Do You Own A Car?: no but i can drive
Ever Been To Jail?: No
Ever Gotten Kicked out?: nope. Goody two-shoes right here 
Do You Have A Job?: yes
Do You Like Taking Surveys Like This?: Yes
  • Listening to: Blazing Saddles theme song
  • Reading: The Big Sleep
  • Watching: youtube
  • Playing: Minesweeper
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: water

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